Rewriting & Editing Services

Editing and Writing Support

Omni Tutoring provides editing and rewriting services for local and international students as well as professionals and business people.

Academic writing:

  • The basics: proofreading, error correction, and grammar checking
  • The next step: editing, organization, and style adjustments to make your existing document shine
  • A total upgrade: full professional guidance on academic essays, reports, seminar papers, theses, and presentations
  • The inner pieces: how to bring your writing up to American academic standards and expectations

Business writing:

  • The basic stuff: proofreading and editing for business correspondence (email, documents, reports, memos, etc.)
  • A step ahead: helpful tips on business form and tone that help get you a positive response from your reader
  • American business style and idioms: adjustments and suggestions on business usage, both formal and casual, to make the right impression
  • Full rewrite: your original business correspondence content rewritten to give it the correct form, style, and tone

For all clients: in-depth consultation session to ensure that your concepts are clearly understood before the editing or rewriting work begins.

We also provide ongoing text, chat and email support during the writing process.

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