About Omni:


Welcome! My name is Kevin Corrigan, and I originally formed this company because I wanted to give students and international professionals the quality academic support and consulting they need to achieve their goals here in the U.S..


I’ve worked in this field for many years and my greatest feeling of satisfaction comes from knowing I’ve been able to contribute to someone’s personal advancement and success!

My areas of interest include literature, art history, academic theory, essay and presentation, history, music, ESL and academic skills as well as international politics and culture. I am thrilled to be able to help students through all phases of their projects from brainstorming the original concept to completion.

My Mission


My goal is to help every Omni client achieve his or her personal academic and professional goals.

What this means in practice varies widely. Sometimes it’s just a matter of helping a student think through the details of their final writing project more carefully. Sometimes it’s an entire semester of one-on-one tutoring with a lot of attention to time management and academic theory. Sometimes it’s showing an international entrepreneur how to organize a business presentation more effectively or helping a foreign-born programmer at a local tech company understand American business culture a little better.

Regardless of the case, learning and success are intrinsically linked to personal growth and discovery. Every one has within them what they need to succeed; at Omni we’ll help you get there with professionalism, humor and empathy.