Art Schools

private tutoring for art school students

Art schools such as Academy of art and the Art Insitute have high dropout rates. At Academy of Art, only 32% of students graduate within a reasonable amount of time.

The assignments are harder than students expect. Academic and reearch requirements in the degree programs make it hard for art students to keep up. Also, there is much more homework than you’d expect. Time management and discipline are serious problems.

Omni Tutoring supports you in your projects, helps you manage your time better, and guides you through the difficult stages of the degree process, including the Midpoint Review at AAU!

We Offer:

  • Help with analysis and research on all your assignments
  • Personalized guidance on difficult essays, presentations and seminar papers
  • Last minute assistance on projects
  • Tips on time management so you don’t turn essays and projects in late
  • Customized, ongoing support throughout the entire semester (via Skype as well)

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