About Omni

Introduction to Omni

Welcome to Omni! My name is Kevin, and I originally formed Omni after many years of working with international students in schools here in San Francisco. I wanted to give students who come here from Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East what they need to improve their English and achieve their goals here in the U.S..

I love helping these students and getting to know them as they grow and advance towards their dreams! The culture here can be difficult and university skills are difficult even for native speakers. My mission is to help everyone I work with overcome the obstacles and get what they want in America.

I have a lot of experience working with students from many different cultures, majors, and backgrounds. They all are excited to come here to California, improve their English skills, get better grades, and build their lives. This is a fantastic process to be a part of, and I am always happy to be able to help them, whether it’s long term (helping them thru graduation) or just a few sessions to work on a presentation or essay.




My goal is to help every Omni client achieve his or her personal academic goals while learning the important skills they can use throughout their lives here in the US.

What this means varies widely. Sometimes it’s just a matter of helping a student think through the details of their final writing project more carefully. Sometimes it’s an entire semester of one-on-one tutoring with a lot of attention to time management and academic skills overall.

Regardless of the case, learning and success are linked to ongoing personal growth and discovery. Every one who comes here has within them what they need to succeed; at Omni we’ll help you get there with professionalism, humor and empathy.

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