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Academic English

Life at a US university is difficult. Essays, projects, presentations, a different education culture.

The better your English, the better you’ll do. And that means higher grades and likely a higher paying job when you graduate.

As a private English tutoring agency with many years working with international students like you, Omni is passionate about helping you overcome the challenges of studying here.

Let’s talk about how we can help you do better in school and achieve your dreams!

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Success Stories

Sunjung Park

I was a master’s degree student in Graphic design at Academy of Art. I studied with Kevin since fall semester 2014. I can recommend him a lot. Academy of Art has ESL assistants but Kevin also gave me a lot of advice on content and concepts. His background is in academic topics like history, theory and research, so I got a lot of valuable feedback from him. He also gives a lot of information about US and Western culture, politics and history, so I think it improved my content in the writing and presentations. Highly recommended!

Sunjung Park

Olivia Liao

I’m a master degree student in Visual Effects at Academy of Art University. I’ve been studying with Kevin since 2017. When I first met Kevin, I couldn’t speak a complete sentence in English at all, but now I can talk with native speakers very comfortably. I believe these two points are the most important things for all international students. Kevin conducted a series of courses that were exclusively for me. Now, I am more focused on how to impress professional people and learning American interview skills. Especially if you are from Asia, Korea, Japan, etc., and you also really want to get an education and a good job here.

Olivia Liao

Zen Yu

I’m from Taiwan and I’m studying for a Master’s degree at Academy of Art University. I have been learning English with Kevin since 2018. My English skills were not even on the average level before we started classes, and I could only barely keep myself alive in school. Kevin has been giving me a lot of advice and helps to improve my English skills. We have been training my grammar, writing skill, pronunciation, accent, time management, and future career and work development in our class. Now I can communicate with native speakers very naturally, and I can write essays that impress the instructor.

Zen Yu

Anton H.

I’ve been working with Kevin for about three months on improving my English as well as my presentation skills. He’s very supportive (you can send him a message and ask questions any time), thoughtful and friendly. Will defnitely continue working with Kevin this year.

Anton H.
Product Designer

Zohm K.

I am a fine arts student at Art Institute. Kevin was very helpful with my writing especially when it comes to theory and conceptual part of essay writing. I wasn’t familiar with the ideas and concepts in my art history classes, so he explained a lot of things to me about those points. Also helped improve the content of some papers. I needed some help with correct grammar and essay structure, and he had good suggestions to make the argument stronger or more academic.

Zohm K.

Local Partners

American Job Interview Skills

If you’ve just graduated (or will soon) and want to find a job in the U.S., Omni can help! Our Personalized interview prep sessions include:

• How to differentiate yourself, get more job opportunities, and impress HR

• How to get past the phone interview

• How to answer difficult questions

• Customizing your cover letter and interview to each company

• Which questions to ask the interviewer

• How to use job posts and requirements to your advantage

• Many other important tips and techniques

"Before the interview sessions with Omni, I never even got past the initial phone screenings, and I'd gotten no interview offers. But since working with Kevin, I’ve passed the interviews, and I've gotten a few offers for my ideal position. Highly recommended!" Ellie Wang, Data Scientist, Taiwan