Foreign Professional Training

Services for Foreign Professionals

The ability to communicate concepts, strategies, and ideas with clarity and nuance is critical in today’s global economy. So is the ability to understand what your co-workers, teammates, managers, and supervisors are saying. If you miss an important detail or subtle difference in meaning, it could put you at a disadvantage or diminish your effectiveness.

Omni’s customized and individualized training program for international and foreign-born professionals gives you the techniques, strategies, and skills you need to succeed here in the U.S..

(If you’re a manager or supervisor with foreign-born designers or engineers on your team, drop us a line to see how we can help optimize communication and performance!)

Here’s What Your Get:

  • Free initial consultation
  • 360 degree assessment w/team and managers
  • Evolving solutions and guaranteed results
  • Flexible scheduling (including Skype)
  • Personalized client-specific metrics
  • Ongoing support & resources

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