“I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work with Kevin since February. As a foreign-born designer, my biggest challenge was that I’m not familiar with Western culture, especially in the work place. So getting to know the differences and contributing my ideas in work meetings were my goals for these sessions. Before working with Kevin, I used to be very quiet in meetings, check-ins, and any kind of meet-ups because I was afraid of ruining it by making grammatical mistakes.

Through more sessions, I was able to learn techniques for clarifying topic points in meetings when it’s not clear to me or when I’m struggling to understand what’s going on. If I hadn’t studied with Omni, I would still be in many unclear work situations, which is quite stressful. I’m truly grateful for Kevin’s helping me improve my situation at Pinterest!”

Woosung - South Korea

Production Designer, Pinterest


Business English 

Omni Tutoring has a successful track record of helping foreign-born employees deal with English communication issues in the American workplace and overcome the challenges of working in an unfamiliar business culture. We’ve worked with clients at Pinterest, Thumbtack, LinkedIn, Dignity Health, Sony, IBM, Owens & Minor, Naver, and more!

Our ‘360 degree’ consulting approach explores all aspects of the client’s interaction with his or her work environment, customers and colleagues and then develops effective solutions. Furthermore, Omni’s in-depth ongoing assessment process helps us troubleshoot all the issues and find personalized approaches that work for you and your team.

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Our Business English services include:

  • English vocabulary and usage for the professional workplace
  • Personalized support for business meetings and presentations
  • Business communication, email, document correction and speaking tips
  • Personalized feedback on your spoken English and pronunciation
  • Skype sessions available!


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